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Why Do I Practice Criminal Law?

I am passionate about helping people in trouble, all kinds of trouble. Usually, I am helping people accused of some serious criminal offense. That sounds strange because it brings to mind “a criminal,” like some TV character. So, how can I represent those people? The best answer is that we are “those people.” I have represented homeless people, business executives, and close personal friends.

I have answered the calls of desperate parents late at night, argued the cases of friends and colleagues accused of professional misconduct, and sat for days waiting for juries to determine my clients’ futures. I know firsthand that “those people” can be any of us, our children, or our friends. So, I strive to be the lawyer to call when someone you care for is in trouble. Just as I have represented people from all sorts of backgrounds, I represent people on a wide range of charges.

A person can be wrongfully accused of any class of offense. Good people make foolish mistakes that need not, and should not, ruin their lives.

What Makes My Firm Particularly Suited To Helping You Get A Favorable Resolution For Your Criminal Case?

  • Extensive Experience In Handling Criminal Defense Cases
  • Extensive negotiation and trial experience
  • Dedicated Criminal Defense practice focused on helping clients in their hour of need

My Firm Has Successfully Handled Criminal Cases In The Following Areas:

  • White Collar Crimes
  • Drug Offenses
  • DUI Offenses
  • Sex Crimes
  • Homicide/Murder

How Will You Be Treated By Me?

It’s hard to make that first call, but you should not hesitate. You will get me on the phone, or I will return your call promptly. If I am in court, you will hear from me at the end of the day, or I will have someone from my office get in touch with you. In an emergency, we will make sure someone is available for you.

If you are being investigated for a criminal offense, professional misconduct, or student disciplinary violation, I will assist you during the process. I have supported and advised clients during almost every kind of investigation. I will intervene on your behalf and advocate for you with the investigators. If you have to respond in disciplinary proceedings, I help you answer the complaint with an eye toward mounting a winning defense during a disciplinary hearing.

If you are charged with an offense, I will help you through the arrest, initial appearance, and bail proceedings. Our goal is to negotiate your release pending trial. We will investigate your case thoroughly and keep you informed of our progress. You will know what evidence the government or state has against you. Whatever the strength or weakness of that evidence, we will prepare vigorously and mount a zealous defense to any charges.

While everyone likes to talk about success stories, every case is different and a lawyer is only as good as his next case. That’s why, your case will be a top priority in our office.

Bar Admissions:

  • North Carolina

“Amos was referred on a small matter. The receptionist was extremely helpful. Turns out it was an issue I was able to handle without an attorney. Rest assured I will recommend Amos because he was referred by an excellent attorney and hires competent helpful staff.”

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1 Review