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What Are The Potential Penalties For A DWI Conviction?

Most people are not sentenced to significant time in jail for a DWI conviction, especially for a first offense. The exception is when someone is injured as a result of the driving. For most people, the greatest penalties are the collateral punishments associated with a driving while impaired conviction. These punishments are not directly associated with the judge’s sentence. Examples of these collateral punishments include loss of your license, increased insurance, potential job problems, and creating a criminal record. These consequences create lingering burdens for anyone convicted of driving while impaired.

What Factors Can Enhance Or Aggravate A DWI Charge?

The biggest factor that enhances or aggravates a DWI is an injury or death caused by the driving that resulted in the DWI conviction. That is the case whether you have a clean record or multiple DWI convictions.

Next, a second conviction within a seven-year period requires a minimum jail sentence. Even if the judge found mitigating factors, the grossly aggravating factor of having a prior conviction would force the judge to sentence you to some jail time.

Assuming there is only one grossly aggravating factor, a jail sentence could be up to a year. For a third offense within a seven-year period, the sentence could be up to two years in prison. So, the potential active punishment increases with each conviction for driving while impaired.

Receiving a DWI while your license is revoked for another DWI charge is also a grossly aggravating factor. Those things aggravate any charge and create increased consequences of a conviction.

What Sets You Apart In Handling DWI Cases In North Carolina?

What sets us apart is the same thing that sets us apart in handling all kinds of offenses. We focus on fewer cases and give those cases a lot of attention. Another distinguishing feature is experience. Over more than twenty years, I have successfully defended hundreds of driving while impaired cases.

When I represent someone on a DWI charge, I gather all available information, including police reports, accident reports, audio and video recordings, and interview witnesses.

That is not to say that we win every case. If we cannot avoid a conviction, we do all we can to minimize the consequences.

Additional Information About DWI Charges

One of the overlooked consequences of a DWI charge is one of the reasons you want to avoid a conviction at all cost. A person who causes a wreck that results in someone’s death may face more serious charges as a result of a prior DWI conviction, even if alcohol was not a factor in the wreck that resulted in the fatality. A DWI conviction creates a criminal record and greater risks for driving later in life.

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